Katie Flexes on Her Exes

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a recovering serial monogamist.  I’ve been sober for over a year, for the first time in ten years.  So this is what freedom feels like?

After falling for my first love at the delicate age of 16, I was hooked on relationships.  Never one for random hookups or, ahem, cut friends…I wanted the whole package.  I wanted the commitment, the friendship, the intimacy..I wanted it all.  “There’s nothing wrong with that” some might say.  Or, “Well, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?”  Yeah, I guess so, when it’s actually right. But sometimes when you want so badly for it to be right, you force yourself into believing that it is, when in actuality, if you’d give it a little patience and time you’d plainly see that though some qualities of Mr. Right might be there… others are blaringly missing.

So what does a recovering serial monogamist do in that first year of sobriety?  Get some damn rest!  And honestly, finally get over all those guys that weren’t The One….take the time that I didn’t give myself in between boyfriends to actually reflect on those things that deserve reflection.  And let go of those things that don’t.  That’s the hardest and most important part of all….letting go and forgiving.  Forgiving them and forgiving myself for mistakes made.  Some in malice and some in plain damn ignorance.

Once you reach that place of forgiveness, you can let them go and when you think of them…think of them fondly.  And some of them, it takes about 2 minutes of reflection and then you don’t think about them at all.  So, I’m going to call no names..list no crimes…and show no faces.  But…I did find some spot on celebrity look alikes for those who deserve a few words and who have qualities I’d like to find in another.  And the rest of yall…you get no shine.  No play.  It’s all love though.

The Ex-Files:

You…first love.  I hope Mr. Right has your qualities of commitment and devotion to making it work.  And for truly loving me at my worst as much as my best.  With you it wasn’t about how I looked, but who I was.  Thank you.

You…the chemistry.  Lawd have mercy.  Pause.  Breathe.  Brush your shoulders off….

You, not quite a friend but neither an ex.  Some things don’t need titles I suppose. Mr. Right will have your ability to see right through me into my inner artist and inner renegade…and will encourages both qualities the way you did.  He will provide seamless and endless conversations like you and equally endless creative inspiration.  Love and Light to you, my friend.

That about sums it up…oh wait one more.  For that dude that still has 7 out of 11 of my Jay CDs…

Some things I can’t forgive…I WANT MY CD’S BACK!


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