I Read, I Watched, I Listened…I Was.

Six whole days have passed since my last post, I know you’ve been counting and so this isn’t news to you.  Guilt starts tugging at me after about two days of no new posts and upgrades to nagging status after about 4.  Recently, I’ve been on the go so constantly that I decided to take a break of sorts for the first half of this week.  I’ve still been working 40 hours a week at Cafe Monopoly mind you, I’ve just been using my downtime for leisure and relaxation this week versus all of the off the clock hours I’ve been putting in recently.  The passion and drive is definitely still there, and not going anywhere, but sometime the body, mind and spirit need to be rested and nurtured as well.  Especially for us sensetive types (my brother prefers “lazy” but I beg to differ.  Truly).  So what methods for relaxation have I been implementing?  A variety, first and most frequently:  Reading for Pleasure.

My dad bought this book with me in mind and read it first before bequething it to me.  He knows and nurtures the fact that I have a childlike imagination and still truly love fairy tales and any good story with magical elements.  I even have a feather tattooed behind my ear in homage to childhood hero, Peter Pan.  I read the back of his copy of The Night Circus and was anxiously awaiting him to finish it; I got it from him on Sunday and finished it on Wednesday…reading it on breaks at work, before bed…while drinking coffee in the morning.  Pretty much any chance I got! It’s truly captivating, enchanting even.  I don’t want to give away too many details to those who may be interested in reading it theselves, but here’s a quick idea of what the book is about:  The Night Circus is a Romeo and Juliet story at heart, two star crossed lovers fighting for a chance at love, but this time around they’re dueling illusionists pitted against each other in a battle to the death.  The arena is an enchanted traveling circus filled with contortionists, acrobats, fortune tellers and more described in vivid, thouroughly imagined detail.  The love story almost becomes secondary to the descriptive scenery and antics going on around it.  Amazing.  And best of all, it finishes strong!  There’s nothing more disappointing than a sloppy, weak finish to an otherwise great story.  As an English major, I’ve been (somtimes unfortunately) trained to analyze literature to death.  My weakness was always grammar and technicalities, but my strength has always been deep reading….looking for symbolism, allegories, hidden or implied meaning, underlying themes etc.  and I must say this book was slam full of most of the above. I took the overall theme of the book to be about the roles we play in our own fates and in the fate of others whose paths we cross; the overall experience of existing in a Universe with mysteries beyond human comprehension.  How to every action there is an equal and appropriate reaction that sets off a chain of events in our lives and all of those whose bubbles our actions reverberate to….on a daily basis.  Perhaps with every small action, word and decision we make.  The Night Circus also asks its reader to consider elements of fate that perhaps we don’t have control over and challenges the reader to discover their own personal power to tap into the mysteries of the Universe and use their new knowledge to naviage their own futures, ultimately not set in stone. The relationship betwen the two main characters also made me think about the nature of marrige or long-term commitment and the world you end up building together.  Annddd…English major exhale.  Also fun, this book will soon be made into a motion picture.  Fans of Twilight, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Lace Reader, Water for Elephants and other books along this line, you’ll love The Night Circus.

And before The Night Circus entered my life…there was Coco Before Chanel…

Le sigh…that’s a wistful sigh in Frech.  This movie is also in French and subsequently subtitled.  So tread with caution if you’re not into reading your movies, but I happen to love subtitled movies.  I believe it’s because I’m usually too ADD to sit through a movie at home, but with subtitles I’m forced to sit and watch.  And for this film, I’m so glad I did!  I was captured from the beginning for many reasons.  I’m personally invested in the subject matter to begin with, considering what an Icon Coco Chanel is…I just didn’t know from what humble beginnings she came, which makes her infinitely more more admirable. I love a fighter.  Coco Before Chanel is beautifully shot and set in early 20th Century France.  The actress playing Coco is equally beautiful.  And like most great dramas, this one is a love story at heart.  I had two days off in a row last week and did a lot of chillin at my apartment for those precious 48 consecutive hours…although I got some work done as well.  This movie really inspired me in a fashiony kind of way so after watching it all the way through 2 times, it played in the background another 4times while I worked.  Listening to the language alone is lovely and looking up to catch random scenes was fun as well.   When you mix Coco Chanel biopics with The September Edition…inspiration inevitibly ensues.  See below:

The September Edition Before:

And After:

Inspiration for many different projects!  I love ads and editorials.  Eye Candy.

Obviously, CoCo Before Chanel comes highly recommeded per moi.  Bonus Points for the budget diva…I rented the movie from the library.  Free and I got to keep it for a week.  Hey, it all adds up.

And lastly…what I’ve been listening to. While remembering greater days of old.

I’m so disappointed man.  The Dedication IV dropped a few days ago and I’d been looking forward to downloading the mixtape, but the news isn’t good. Some things I can’t argue….Lil Wayne’s got his voice and sound down to a science, it’s trademarked for sure.  The metaphors are there, the rhyme scheme is tight as usual…but damn the content is just so superficial.  I mean, we get it….we’ve gotten it since you put it on repeat around 2008:  You’re a freak who prefers light-skinned girls.  You enjoy performing and receiving oral sex.  You smoke a lot of week and have a lot of money and kill all your haters.  You’re a Blood (really?…deadface).  You skate and play minimal guitar. You creepily laugh after you say a line you confidently find clever. This is the 2D image you’ve constructed for yourself….but who are you really Lil Wayne?  And Nikki Minaj please sit yo trashy ass down.  The fact that little girls see this woman as a role model slightly disturbs me.  Seriously though, Lil Wayne is a fascinating character I just wish he would delve into his own, character that is,  a little more.  I’d like to know what goes on underneath the image.  In the mean time I’ll get my fix and reminisce on some tracks that still go hard.  Check the next post.

Oh, also check out this fascinating link to some English Lit nerds comparing Shakespeare and Lil Wayne.  Truly interesting:  http://www.thinqon.com/topic/on_shakespeare_and_lil

I dowloaded this mixtape from www.datpiff.com  and also got a pre So Far Gone mixtape from Drake, some oldish Wale and Procrastination Kills IV by Kirko Bangz.  Giving you another chance Kirko, since you’re so pretty…and reppin for those Dirty Dodgers.  Go Blue!


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