Joshua Aaron Photography Shoot…True Professionals.

The following pics are from a shoot I did with Joshua Aaron Photography yesterday afternoon, these two are amazing (Joshua and Aaron, that is).  They’re a husband/wife duo with the cutest little girl you have EVER met, Caroline, who has the personality to match her looks!!  Aaron and Josh are regulars at a certain monopoly status coffee shop that I work at, ahem… Pumpkin Spice will be back next week! I can’t gush enough about how rewarding of an experience this was.  As soon as I got to their studio they were making me comfortable AND making me a latte (how did they know that noon is early for me?).  The spectacular lighting in these shots is no accident; the two of them really speak their own language when directing the lighting.  It’s hilarious and mesmerizing at the same time.  Aaron helped me get my poses just right and gave me some tips on face positioning. The soundtrack was DubStep and laughter, Josh is a quite the comedian!  Great experience with true professionals…check out their website, specializing in weddings.  It’s impressive to the extreme:


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