Custom Creative Photoshoot

Last Sunday, I had my first indoor studio shoot with Lou from Custom Creative Photo.  Another first…my friend Courtney who is a liscensed hair and makeup artist added her talents to the mix.  Combined, the three of us produced a succesfull shoot.  We are all highly satisfied with the shots and have photos to add to our respective portfolios.  Networking is where it’s at.  Now that we have broken the ice, there are more conept shoots in the works with each of us contributing our unique perspectives and styles.  I can’t wait to shoot and share.  I hope you like the photos.



Fun times indeed, and educational as well.  Lou had great tips on posing, lighting, angling, facial expressions etc.  I’m really learning with each shoot, learning about posing as well as myself.  The shots that I post on this blog, the shots Lou uses for his site, the ones Courtney uses for her portfolio and the ones I’ll be using for my portfolio are the best out of 200 shots taken on Sunday.  The others range from blooper status (blinking, weird mouth syndrome etc.) to bad shadows on the face and other maladies.  When I get the reel I cringe at 9/10 of the photos of myself and find moments of solace in the photos I post on here.  But I always try to maintain a positive and eager attitude when looking at the bad photos, instead of dwelling on the flaws I try to figure out how to improve the photo next time.  “How could I have positioned my legs differently, or angled my face differently to improve the shot?” versus “Omg, look at my wrinkly knees” or “How does a 26 year old have jowls?”.  I assume the amazon supermodels must have the same experiences as well, on a different scale, naturally.  I would bet that Giselle, Tyra, Chanel, Joan, CoCo and the like have all at many many points been aghast at photos of themselves, and then sift through the hundreds of shots to find that one where posing, lighting, camera and makeup all come together to make magic.  It’s all a finely orchestrated, well tuned image machine.  Gaining an understanding of this is helping me to appreciate not only that one in a hundred shot, but to take it easier on the other 99.  As well as myself in the mirror in the typical crazy hair minimal makeup and blue jeans mode, that I really prefer myself in.


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