Frugal Fashionista

So I’m on a break at work, standing in line waiting to order a drink and voyeuring out the customers.  I do this a lot…quietly watch people.  It’s a great way to learn a lot about someone in a short period of time.  But I do it in a legal, non-creepy way.  I promise.  Anyways, there was a couple in front of me.  They were probably in their early to mid 20’s and I’m pretty sure the guy was realllly stoned.  The girl I’m not so sure of, because I was too distracted by her really cool t-shirt and paler than my pale legs, legs.  Shout out the pale girls who aren’t afraid to rock it…better yet, Proud of their Pale.  Hollaaa!  So her t-shirt was a run of the mill concert t-shirt that would have otherwise been lackluster pajama material, except for the fact that she’d cut it into a feminine, flattering and flirty shape.  So, being the sometimes crafty often financially challenged young fashionista that I am, when I got home that day I found my favorite Bob Marley t-shirt, my fabric shears and my neighbor Ayesha and got to business.

This is the t-shirt before….


That’s just a simple t-shirt and cut of jean shorts combo that showcases the shirt.  I can see wearing this outfit to a concert or to the beach.  Somewhere super casual.  Below I’m going to show you a few more ways I styled the shirt for different occassions.


For this outfit I paired the top with a pair of hotpants and some leapord heels!  I love mixing prints and consider leapord basically be a neutral in its own right.  This is not a look for the wallflower and definitely has a sexy vibe going.  I wore it out to a club on the same night that we took these pictures and was a little nervous when heading out because it’s sexier than what I usually go for.  I ended up not feeling self concious at all, because I think the personality of the outfit overshadows the sexiness.  And even though the pants are tight, the material is really substantial and thick so you feel well covered.  The t-shirt in the back is cut longer so there isn’t ass bouncing all over the place either.  Oh…and I have to give a shout out to Moo Moo, my friend’s daughter who totally photo bombed this shot.

This is a bracelet/ring that I bought from an Indian jewelry store at a local mall.  I love it with this shirt and all of the outfits that I paired it with, except for maybe the casual look.  The bracelet aids in the overall eclectic vibe of the shirt.  You can also see my makeup, which is themed for the upcoming fall season.  A smokey plum eye with winged liquid eyeliner and a darker plum lip.  Dark 90’s lips are back for the fall, btw.  Ask Rihanna.


This look can definitely still work for a club, but is more toned down and can be pulled off for a date or dinner out with friends as well!

I pulled this leapord print skirt up around my waist to create a high-waisted effect.  Again we see mixed prints, I added a wide black belt to create a barrier between the two prints.  This aids in keeping them from clashing.  The simple black pumps tie into the belt and keep the look from getting to busy.  I lost the Indian bracelet for this one and added my meswear watch layered with bangle bracelets.


I envision this look being for class primarily, but it can work for errands or any other day to day activities.  Even a super casual look for a movie or chill night out.  I put the t-shirt with a cardigan and added the belt to create waist definition.  The jeans are to keep the cardigan from making the look too conservative.  Leapord flats for comfort and personality.  I put my hair up for this one because I didn’t feel like the outfit needed another loud element.  The hair would probably overpower the look and push it over the edge.

And just for fun….

One last cameo by the tiny dancer.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and got some inspiration for your own projects.  I can’t wait to do this with more t-shirts.


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