Deep Conditioning with Olive Oil

Lately I’ve taken a more holistic approach to my diet and beauty regime and it’s proving to be beneficial for my energy levels, apperance and wallet.  I’m escpecially saving money in the beauty department.

First of all…water.  H20.  Drink it up.  I’ve figured out that if I drink 5 Venti cups of water a day at work, it equals a gallon and there is really no better miracle product.  If your skin is dry, water will moisturize it.  If your skin is oily…somehow water creates the opposite effect.  It diminishes dark circles, hydrates your hair, gives you as much of an energy boost or more than caffeine.  It’s amazing.

Also recently, I’ve been using olive oil to deep condition my hair once a week and there is an immediate difference.  The ends of my hair are bleached, and even though I get them trimmed pretty regularly and condition every time I shower somehow they manage to get scraggly and dry.  After using an olive oil deep condition, it not only moisturizes but refreshes my color as well.  People are always asking “Did you color your hair?”  the day after a condition.  It’s next to free, most people already have some in their kitchen cabinets and it’s really simple.  I use extra virgin..take 1/2 a cup and heat it to warm.  Please don’t get it scalding hot like I did the first time…I swear it almost deep fried my ends.  Ok, so heat it up to where it’s warm to the touch but doesn’t burn or offend your skin.  The first time I did it, I leaned over the bath tub and poured it onto my hair but the oil sticks to the tub and it doesn’t rinse away….you know how oil and water don’t mix.  So, now I do it over the trashcan.  Massage it into your scalp and comb it through to the ends.  I put on a shower cap and them wrap a towel around my head turban style to keep it warm and contained to my hair…I don’t want it on my face, even though some swear by it as a moisturizer.  I leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it out with a mild shampoo and use a light traditional conditioner afterwards.  Boom.  The next day is guaranteed to be a good hair day.  Guaranteed.  And  you didn’t spend any money.  The only down side is it sort of smells like your putting friend chicken grease in your hair when use it, but the smell doesn’t stay.  Check out the following link for more olive oil uses…

Another miracle oil…tea tree oil.  It’s so amazing for the skin!  Acne, fungal infections, pretty much ANY skin ailment, tea tree oil attacks it.  It’s super moisturizing and an anti-septic.  I also use it in a steam to open my pores and clean them out before giving myself a facial.  To do this I boil water and add a few drops of tea tree oil…let it cool down a little and then add it to a bowl, put my head over it and a towel over my head to trap the steam around my face.  I do this for as long as I can stand, usually taking breathing breaks away from the steam.  It’s a great prep for the skin, pre-facial.


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