Portfolio Pics from Last Weekend’s Photoshoot

Last Saturday I had a photoshoot with a local photographer who is looking to drum up his model portfolio shoot business.  It was in a remote location and I hadn’t met him in person yet, so my friend Ashley accompanied me as an assistant of sorts.  But really she was there to make sure he didn’t have a shovel and some chloroform.  All was legit so we did the two hour shoot.  It was at 9am but was still soooo hot and sticky.  There were a lot of mosquitos, oil and sweat.  But in the end the shoot was so much fun.  When the camera was snapping I wasn’t thinking about any of that.  I am just going to post the pics that I chose for my portfolio and leave the rest up to your imagination…there were a lot of bloopers in the reel of film.  It’s kind of fun and definitely funny going back through and critiquing your facial expressions and poses.  Note to self…pick ya lip up!  Apparently when I’m channeling my sexy alter-ego I drop my bottom lip a little too far.  These pics are untouched at the moment, but will be photshopped for shadows and whatnot.

Country Girl at the barn


Going for sweet!


A casting director said I look like a groupie in this picture. Excuse me?

Catalog Shot!

A little bit of that drop lip action I was talking about. LOL. #workingonit


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