Spring Beauty Resolutions

Image I hereby vow, under the breezy March sun to:

1.  Keep my damn hands off my face.

2.  Learn how to do cool braids (fishtail, french, corn-row etc.)

3.  Add more variety to my look (particularly hair and makeup)

4.  FLOSS.

5.  Drink 64 oz. of water a day.

6.  Take a multivitamin every day.  They now come in gummies; I now have no excuse.

7.  Take fish-oils, probiotics and frequent local juice bar.

8.  Find the perfect shade of red lipstick, then a perfect fuchsia/purple-y lip-stain.

9.  Wear SPF every. single. day:  face, neck, lips, ears, chest, hands and all other vulnerable areas.

10.  Smile, frequently.  For no reason.

11. Always wash makeup off before bed.

12.  Clean makeup brushes every week.

13. Exfoliate my face and body once a week.

14.  Get outdoors more often, our Earth is such a gift.

15.  Sleep 7-8 hours a night.

16.  Embrace my natural hair texture.

17.  Experiment with scents and wear them more often.

18.  Eat for beauty and health:  Less sugars, difficultly digested proteins and carbs…more veggies!

19.  Relax; stop fretting.

20.  Surround myself with people I love, who love me back.  Love myself.


2 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Resolutions

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