What in the Sam Hell

What in the Sam Hell

This is a Burger King ad from the Neverlands. Trippy! Sesame seeds, lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard, some char-grilled beef action….well done.


Warning! NSFW and Not For the Faint of Heart

Iggy Azlea is the newest artist to be signed by rapper TI to Interscope Records. She is a 21 year old Australian born rapper, who began her craft at the age of 14. Daughter of a comic book artist, art influenced her life from an early age which I’m assuming has lended to her look and sound. In 2011 Iggy began uploading her freestyles to youtube and the rest is now very recent history. Her biggest viral hit is PU$$Y which is linked below…for God’s sake…NSFW or kids! The video linked here is a free-style to “Get Big.” Her first major record is due out June 2012 and is titled “The New Classic.”

Premature Verdict from Katie:  She’s certainly charming to look at.  You can’t see it in either of these videos…but, she got a donk!  I think it may be injections though…either way it’s nice and relatively proportioned to the rest of her body.  She has a nice flow, but it along with the dance moves and image need to be fine-tuned.  I’m seeing a mix of Lady GaGa and Nikki Minage…but I’m hoping she continues to find her very own image, sound, voice and place in this music culture instead of becoming another label’s sex-symbol-figurehead-puppet for the big dogs that run things (ahem, Nikki and Wayne, ahem).

PU$$Y has a catchy beat, the flow is nice….I love the kid hittin’ his dougie through the whole video, although it’s a bit disturbing that he was subject to theses lyrics, skantily clad women and gang members (This video was shot in the neighborhood of street gang “Rollin 60s”, an LA Crip faction).  I feel she’s a little exploitative of black American culture in this video…or what hip hop and the media stereotypes it to be.  But I suppose that’s the risk you take when you sign a platinum blonde rapper to Interscope.  She will certainly be shaking things up around here.

Kat Graham: Put Your Grafifiti on Me

I’ve been casually following Kat Graham for the past year or so. She’s most widely known for her role on Vampire Diaries bust has been working her way up the industry ladder for 15 years. Recently featured in numerous upscale fashion magazines, she is certainly a star on the rise. This is her first major single, dropped for the Spring/Summer. Sounds like it may be a mainstream hit and a Summer anthem. It’s catchy and she seems to have “It”….although she would have been sexier without all the ass grabbing. New girl crush, anyone?

MakeupAlley: A MUST Utilize Beauty Site for All

A staple in my beauty site Rolodex since around 2007, MakeupAlley is a multifaceted website with something to offer all of their readers, regardless of demographic.  It’s a consumer reports of sorts as well as an online community of (mostly) women who love beauty and fashion.

Their “About Us” section describes the site as follows:

“MakeupAlley was launched in 1999 as a small community of beauty consumers. Since then it has grown into one of the largest beauty social networks and information portals on the web. On MakeupAlley you can connect with thousands of other consumers through our message boards, user generated product reviews, MUA mail and other interactive tools.”

I most frequent the beauty product reviews which have surely saved me many dollars and beauty mishaps over the years.  Members of the MakeupAlley community (you have to register as a member to take full advantage of the site…don’t worry, they don’t bombard you with emails) log on to rate and discuss their favorite and least favorite beauty products.  Some well known products have thousands of reviews for you to sift through.  ProActiv has 3,023 reviews and interestingly enough, only 35% of reviewers would re-purchase.   I and most of my friends fall into the other 65%.   How the hell do they keep paying their celebrity spokespersons?!


 Each member has a profile which lists their beauty product relevant description:  Age, eye-color, hair-color, skin-type, hair texture etc.  This helps you decide whether to take their advice on a product, for example, I’m a 26 year old brunette with fair and oily skin.  Therefore, I’m not going to run out and buy the facial moisturizer that a 50 year old dry-skinned member is raving about, no matter how amazing her skin may look (yes, there are user-pictures…yay!  More on that below.).

I was relieved to find that MakeupAlley members agree with me on another cult beauty classic…


This stuff Bloooowws!  Much to my dismay, important fashion and beauty magazines continue to list this product as a makeup must-have and I just don’t get it.  It’s watery; it adds no volume and no length to my lashes.  The best defense of this product that I’ve read is that professional makeup artists love it because it goes on very thinly to darken and coat false lashes.  Well I don’t know about my readers, but I don’t wear false lashes on a regular basis and my naturals sure as hell won’t be fooling anyone for falsies.  So no Great Lash for me.  Makeup Alley members agree…out of 4,689 reviews, only 25% would repurchase.  Suck on that, important magazines.   But still hire me.

Now, in the spirit of positivity let’s move onto some products that rock. An alternate, inexpensive drug-store mascara that Makeup Alley (and I) love is…


Cover Girl Lashblast, one of the great new mascara successes as of late!  Having the super-cool, ever evolving, interesting-celebrity-dating-track-record (remember Tom Green?)-wielding Drew Barrymore as a spokesperson doesn’t hurt, but this really is a great mascara!  It’s inexpensive (around $8); it darkens, lengthens, thickens AND holds curl!  Like any other mascara, it needs to be replaced after a couple of months, but at $8 a pop it’s very affordable to do so.  Makeup Alley verdict:  With 3,973 reviews, 65% of members would repurchase, which is actually a pretty high percentage by Makeup Alley (MUA for short) standards, especially for a makeup product.

Not just limited to makeup products, MUA reviews skincare and hair care products, anti-aging and plastic surgery treatments, beauty tools, nail polishes and more!  I discovered Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque via MUA and it is a miracle product that had been sneakily lurking on my drugstore’s shelves for years before I was turned onto its mysterious ways.


It smells very nice, it dries up pimples, blackheads and oil like a charm, it can be used as an overnight spot-treatment and even on your neck, chest, back or any other acne prone areas without over drying your skin.  The only slight pitfall is the “after-scent”.  It leaves behind a slight sulfur smell that is a tad unpleasant…but trust me the pros are totally worth that one pesky con.  Oh!  And maybe the best feature of all, it’s $3 for 8oz of product!  This one bottle will last you months.  The MUA verdict, you ask?  Of 3,647 reviews…81% of members would re-buy.  That’s a monumental percentage in MUA land.

For those of you with larger beauty budgets than mine, this site has tons of reviews on high-end luxury products too, which may make this site even more valuable asset to you!  If you buy a $24 mascara from Bobbi Brown that ends up stinking it up once you get it home, you’re going to be deeper in the hole than me and my $8 mascara from Rite Aid.

Along with beauty reviews, MUA offers different boards for members to discuss various topics of their choice, post personal photos of their latest “hauls”, hair styles, exercise results etc., ask for more details on certain products and more.  You can even “swap” products with other members via mail.  Check out some pics I lifted from various boards.  They’re inspirational!


 Image one of a MUA-er’s eyeshadow stash, posted on the FOTD (photo of the day) board…to be continued below…


Part two of the eyeshadow collection, this lady is either a makeup artist or slightly nuts.  Or maybe an impulsive buyer.  Either way, I feel slight envy.


 This member changed her nail polish 15 times in the month of February..obsessive much?  Although this is one of the more elaborate designs, the others were pretty detailed as well.  She’s got a lot of polish and time on her hands.  But I’m not hating…do you.  You do it well.


So fresh and fun for Spring!  These nails are a breath of fresh air and a little more attainable than the aforepictured nails.


Some members will share their look of the day, I like the young lady’s above.  She listed this as her “lazy-day” makeup look.  This makes me feel like quite the underachiever but inspires me to step my shit up at the same time, so I’ll take it.  She’s lovely, no?  Great hair, eyebrows, bold smokey-eye, not too subtle but still subtle lipstick…and I’m willing to bet she’s a natural knock-out underneath it all.  Go girl!


I hope I’ve made a tantalizing case as to why you should visit MakeupAlley PRONTO!  Whether you budget hundreds or singles on your beauty routine, this website will help you fish through the thousands of products out there to choose from and also help you maximize the potential for what you already have…in your makeup drawer, your imagination and  your mirror!  Happy Grooming.

Spring 2012: Fashions

Beautiful pants! Wonderful mix of peplum and floral. Designer: Cynthia Rowley

Beyonce gets it right in her $862 Stella McCartney pants. The yellow shoes slightly concern me, but I think it's in a good way. I find it very difficult to criticize Queen B.

Color blocking never really goes anywhere in the fashion world, but is definitely having a moment. This woman does it well. The ladies on the right are rocking the bright jeans look. Again, neutral shoes compliment this look.

Peplum finds a couture outlet.

You can't go wrong, I'm obsessed with neutrals. As soon as I get back to Columbia I'll be featuring a few pairs of my own. They add a subtle pop to everything.

Pretty sure these are not commissioned by Nike, but I have no problem with bootleg.

Nothing particularly trendy here. Just nothing boring about it all black Bohemia.

This is a picture of Lauren Conrad's hair from last Spring, I still love it! It's not dye, it's soft pastels chalk that can be bought at any craft store! Follow the link if you're interested in trying it at home: <http://thebeautydepartment.com/2012/01/chalk-it-up/&gt;