Second Star to the Right

In my eight years as an English Lit undergrad, the introduction was always the hardest part of a paper to write, but arguably much more important than the conclusion.  Is that a cliché analogy for life?  Maybe, but it wasn’t on purpose which probably makes me that much smarter.  I’ve been pondering this initial post all day debating its importance and its purpose.  Should I tell you all about me…my life story?  I nixed that one because I’m fashionably humble and would much rather talk about my important ideas than my lack of important accomplishments.  So do I tell you what this blog is going to be about, its message to the world?  Or maybe why it has this weird name?  Well, much like its mother this blog’s identity is still being laid (innuendo unfortunately not applicable).  And it’s message(s) to the world will most certainly always be spontaneous and often unintentional.  As for the weird name, I’ll get to that at some point I’m sure but for now would like to maintain my self-implemented title of Hippest Girl to Ever Hail from Wagener, SC.  Do people say “hip” anymore?  And where the hell is Wagener?   

So, when all else fails self-deprecating honesty (which most honesty proves to be) prevails:  This blog’s purpose is to serve as an outlet for my ever evolving interests and musings which guarantee to include Fashion, Style, Beauty, Design, Celebrity and Music (typically Hip-Hop, R&B and sprinklings of Pop) and all the perils of  being a 25-year-old girl-woman(wirl?).  Not to mention all the things I can’t include because they haven’t been realized yet.  In essence this blog will be an evolution, as I always hope to be.  Its greatest ambition is to say something you’ll want to hear, and if it ever says something you need to hear don’t tell it because it’s heart will probably explode with happiness.  But if its greatest ambitions do not come to fruition…at least I got some stuff off my chest, right?  So with all that said I think I’ll shut down the lap-top for the night, take a deep breath, say a little prayer and go do some living so I’ll have something to write about.  And go buy a digital camera like everyone else did ten years ago.